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Our Family

The spring of 1980 saw the Martino family bring their culinary talents to Harford County. Giovanni's original intimate dining room accommodated a following of loyal customers whose palates were treated to the absolute best in Italian cuisine. As time and business progressed, the Martino's saw a need for a newer and bigger restaurant still filled with the Tratoria style food that led to Giovanni's initial popularity and success. That need was realized in the summer of 1983. And today, Giovanni's still boasts a professional and courteous staff, great entertainment, and a lounge full of hospitality from days gone by.

In addition to the main dining room, Giovanni's offers the Philomena Room for catering needs. Its capable chefs handle the task of catering with the same style and professionalism expected from years of experience. You're invited to sit back, relax, and allow Giovanni's to work their culinary magic. Giovanni's is proud to let their family serve yours. It is our goal to be the best restaurant in Harford County, so any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

  Bon Appetito
  The Martino Family
  John, Sr., Marilyn, John, Jr., Frank, &
Tina Martino Hartner
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